Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Al Mare

We stole away...for a very short trip to the seaside...al mare. It was everything I wanted in a little place that has not changed since the 1940's. A little place that had its heyday in the 1920's. Imagine cabana boys and cocktails and colorful umbrellas and bikinis and long lazy afternoons on the terrace and mellow nights full of sea breezes and huge plates of mussels. As if you could not tell...I cherished every minute of the sweet time away...however brief it was.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Daily Life

I have been looking through my photos today and it dawned on me...some incredible images have been caught by my camera, but they are not making here for you all to see. For one reason or another, time, etc. I have not had the chance to post them. I decided some photos are just too beautiful to be kept to myself and don't even need an explanation. This has brought me to the idea to pledge to post an image every week with or without description just to give you an even better idea of the day to day life. Holding myself to posting weekly is going to be interesting...but here's to the start of "daily life".

Just a little commentary on this one...after a very long wine tasting led by Dino, these rings of scattering light had all of us absolutely entranced...
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